Bugzilla 3.5 Advanced Search Breaks When Bugzilla Reverse Proxied

I recently upgraded my bugzilla installation to 3.5 to find my Eclipse-mylyn integration had broken.

After some traffic inspection and a look at buglist.cgi, I found that new code was added to “clean” advanced bug queries. This code cleans the query, then performs a redirect to the new clean query using the correct bugzilla hostname but using the local webserver port. Because I was proxying traffic to my actual bugzilla server through another server on a different port, this redirect was invalid.

I fixed this by commenting out the following code in buglist.cgi:

# If query was POSTed, clean the URL from empty parameters and redirect back to
# itself. This will make advanced search URLs more tolerable.
#if ($cgi->request_method() eq 'POST') {
#    $cgi->clean_search_url();
#    print $cgi->redirect(-url => $cgi->self_url());
#    exit;

I’ll try to actually fix the redirect tomorrow to take advantage of the cleanup.


  1. Hi Ryan, glad it helped. I haven’t run into issues posting bugs from mylyn recently but think I may have in the past. I’ve done some other modifications to bugzilla, so let me check to see if one of those is relevant.

  2. After checking my Bugzilla install, I don’t see that I have any changes that would effect creating new bugs from Mylyn. I am running the latest and greatest Mylyn release, and I believe there were some bug fixes related to Bugzilla integration, so you may want to make sure you have the latest build.

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