I currently work as an engineer at a startup in San Francisco. Our stack is primarily javascript, which is a bit of a departure from my past work in Java. That’s all I’ll say about that.

I previously worked as an architect and developer at Aliaswire, Inc. in Cambridge, MA. Aliaswire develops and manages web-based financial applications.

I have 15+ years of Java experience that began with a software design and engineering class I took at MIT. My first real experience came developing a Swing-based log analyzer for an ftp server I ran in college. After graduating in 2000 I went on to work for a small consulting firm in Cambridge, with most of my consulting done at Polaroid. I built a servlet/JSP-based web frontend for their C++-written Image Quality Assurance software.

After consulting I began work at JPMorgan Chase. My main responsibilities include building and maintaining J2EE-based platform/common services software for the JPMorgan Chase Treasury & Securities Services Cash Online suite of applications. My software is mainly middle to backend level. This includes resource pooling, session management, security/authentication services, event and audit logging, legacy system access, entitlements retrieval, transparent datasource access and data mapping, etc. The platform code I write currently supports volumes of up to 700 simultaneous users. I also designed and developed a launchpage/portal webapp for Cash Online applications and partner applications from other businesses in the Treasury Services branch of JPMorgan Chase. The JPMorgan Access Portal provides user authentication and entitlements retrieval, an application launch page, a bannering system for alerting customers of important information, an access logger and viewer application, and of course all of the supporting services. The Portal currently provides access to more than 40 applications and is used by more than 30,000 JPMorgan customers.


Here is my latest resume in various formats:

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