Logitech Squeezecenter Duplicates Songs

I use a Squeezebox to distribute my digital audio at home. I noticed an issue in Squeezecenter, the audio server, that can cause duplicate detection of songs in your library. If you have your Squeezecenter detect and parse your playlists, your playlists must reference your music using the same path structure that you use in… Continue reading Logitech Squeezecenter Duplicates Songs


I’m the type of person who prefers doing things myself. Whether it be code development, bicycle repair, computer repair, car repair, home repair, or even how to barbecue a perfect rack of ribs, if I can do it myself, I do. The internet and its experts have provided me a wealth of information on how… Continue reading About

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Bugzilla 3.5 Advanced Search Breaks When Bugzilla Reverse Proxied

I recently upgraded my bugzilla installation to 3.5 to find my Eclipse-mylyn integration had broken. After some traffic inspection and a look at buglist.cgi, I found that new code was added to “clean” advanced bug queries. This code cleans the query, then performs a redirect to the new clean query using the correct bugzilla hostname… Continue reading Bugzilla 3.5 Advanced Search Breaks When Bugzilla Reverse Proxied